Have you been long wanted to start replacing a juicy steaks with an equivalent of the equal protein content? Then our Mincy on soybeans is your choice!
The protein content in Mincy is twice as high as in a piece of meat...
The Protein is more easily digested and perfectly helps your body recover from  a physical workouts

or withstand a complex and  fast working rhythm!


Why  our Mincy?

4) -   You can order our Mincy are ready - it's a perfect way for you breakfast, lunch and dinner ;)  You will only need to heat Mency in a pan - 2 minutes on each side or eat cold (and hot and cold - they are very tasty).

Storage does not require  a special equipments - a regular home refrigerator or freezer  if you already have a professionally equipped kitchen.

-      You can order Frozen Mincy. This is a great way to always have a meal option for yourself and guests! 


1) Cooked with a special technology, our Mincy has a delicate texture and all ingredients retain their beneficial properties

2) The recipes fit vegans, athletes and people who sometimes prefer not to eat meat.

3) Shelf life:  4 days  in a fridge , 3  months - frozen

We do not use breading and preservatives when cooking  our Mincy.

We Use Only natural ingredients, without additional processing.

5) Cooking method. If you ordered from us Mincy frozen: cook in a pan for 5 minutes on each side

Thus, all the useful substance that are contained in the Mincy remain saved!

6) In 1 package = 1 kilo =  of 30 pieces! 

Our products are balanced in composition and calories! You can easily combine it with sports and a healthy lifestyle!