Can pancakes be the perfect accompaniment to your daily diet? 


You should definitely try our pancakes and you will agree that - YES!

Balanced in composition and calories, pancakes will saturate your body throughout the day.


Why  our Pancakes?

4) 7 main reasons why you should try pancakes

  1. Pancakes are convenient, tasty and healthy not only for breakfast    SO >>>
  2. Take on a hike (bike trip, to the mountains, long walks, etc.)
  3. Give to children at school
  4. Take with you for a snack after a training session.
  5. Take with you on a picnic with friends and family


1) Cooked with a special technology, our Pancakes have a delicate texture and all ingredients retain their beneficial properties

2) The recipes fit vegans, athletes and people who sometimes prefer not to eat meat.

3) Shelf life:  4 days   in a fridge.

We do not use breading and preservatives when cooking  our Pancakes.

We Use Only natural ingredients, without additional processing.

5) Did you know that our pancakes - any kind - are prepared without eggs, cow's milk, butter? 

Thus, they can be eaten by people with lactose intolerance, as well as vegans and everyone who wants to try - what a tasty dish can be and even if you do not follow the traditional cooking process ;) 

Pancakes prepared by our special method with no perishable food - therefore pancakes withstand various temperature drops - from extreme heat to cold snap (in the mountains, for example)
Which means>>>
You can be calm about your health and the health of your children and friends if you take our pancakes with you.