If you are tired of traditional flavors and frozen buns -

and you like to try new things and to enjoy the taste of life ?!

Our sandwiches are perfect for you!

Why  our Sandwich?

4) Our sandwich has a high content of  the  vitamins, so it is an excellent biologically active additive to the basic diet.


1) Cooked with a special technology in our Sandwich  is stored ALL useful components and vitamins

2) We use ONLY natural products. 

3) Shelf life:  5  days  in a fridge.

Use our sandwiches for breakfast, as a snack or main meal!
The composition of sandwiches is completely balanced and it will have a beneficial effect on your body.

You will immediately notice how the body responds with gratitude - so that you will have more energy and strength!

Prepared for you with your hands and with great love

Only natural products - 

We do not use flavor enhancers, flavors or preservatives.

Hypoallergenic. It has no contraindications - except - individual intolerance of components.