Something about us...

Many years ago ... when the trees were big ...
This is how the most interesting stories usually begin ...
And our story began almost as well ...

    Many years ago, when the trees were big, and the founder of our company was very young (at the age of 2 years) and for the first time came to the kitchen to hide the gas stove hand switches from her grandmother, with whom her grandmother turned on the stove - The Universe apparently determined of the future of this little Inventor ...

   Young offspring, who never sat on the spot, was called Charlotte...

   Since childhood, Charlotte was not indifferent to the kitchen and was very ingeniously able to hide the burners, so the parents had to change the gas stove ... ;) 

   Well, at the age of 4 years old, our little inventor already cooked pancakes with her grandmother, realizing that this is the most wonderful thing  which she could only think of for herself ...

   That's how love was born ... The love of the cuisine and the invention of recipes ...

  In general, Hi Friends!

 We are glad that we managed to interest you with our recipes and will be glad to treat you!

 Who are we?

  First of all, we are the team of professional chefs - which prepares for you Food in quality, taste and appearance is similar to the food your used to see in a good and expensive restaurant.
our food is more affordable for you and  designed for you to be as healthy as possible!


  We live in Bali and we love and respect the island very much and thank him for what he gives us.


  However, we were not born here and at some point realized that we really lack the food to which we are accustomed from childhood.


  Therefore, we decided to start preparing food here on the island according to our recipes and technologies, especially since the Island gives us everything for this!


  Thanks to many years of experience working with food and as Chefs, and as specialists in the preparation of food rations, we have developed our own recipes from natural and fresh products without the addition of conservatives, dyestuffs and flavors!

  Our products are easily stored and delivered to you right to the door and almost does not need to cook it!


  We have already prepared it for you, and all you have to do is spend 5 minutes to warm it up for yourself.

Recipes are adapted so that the hot climate of the Island does not affect the quality of the cooked food.


  The storage method is the most common one - Refrigerator or Freezer (if you have one).

Shelf life depends on the food you choose for yourself.


  In any case, we wrote about each product on the website in detail.


  But if you have any questions - be sure to ask them to us - by writing to the mail or to the What'sUp. Contact details are listed on the site.



  We are sincerely glad to meet you and will be very happy to cook for you!